Role Description: The Director of Corporate Sponsorship is responsible for managing the Chapter, soliciting sponsorship deals, and maximizing sponsorship revenue. This position will work closely with the Director of Marketing and the VP Finance. 

Approximately number of volunteer hours per month: 



  •    Develop and implement overall Chapter sponsorship policy
  •    Meet with appropriate staff as needed to discuss ways to maximize sponsorships, and review status and leveraging possibilities of current relationships.
  •    Develop and implement overall sponsorship sales strategy
  •    Identify and continually update prospect list
  •    Work with Marketing to ensure a coordinated approach
  •    Prepare master sponsor sales materials such as proposals, contracts, and promotional agreements.
  •    Conduct value assessment for event proposals and partnership packages
  •    Arrange meetings with interested sponsor prospects
  •    Negotiate sponsorships and review all deals.
  •    Monitor graphic standards for logo usage, promotional restrictions and sponsor recognition program to ensure fees paid are proportionate to benefits delivered.
  •    Service sponsors and fulfill contracts
  •    Review and approve final sponsor identified materials, including advertisements, new releases, promotional and program related materials.
  •    Meet with public and membership relations and volunteer services to secure benefits that are incorporated into sponsorship packages.
  •    Provide sponsors a measurement of their return on investment.


Role Specific Skills:

  •    Strong understanding of Sponsorship, Marketing and Sales
  •    Strategic Planning skills
  •    Negotiating skills
  •    Value analysis skills


Other Leadership Skills:

  •    Strong verbal, written and listening skills
  •    Excellent public speaking skills
  •    Detail oriented