Speakers 2018

Speaker: Daniel Allain

Topic: Opportunities NB - Find Ways to Support Growth

Abstract: ONB will be present ways project managers and their organisation can support business growth in New Brunswick.



Speaker:              Don Dickson

Topic:                   Taking your PMO from Good to Great

Abstract:               Projects operate in complex business environments.  The successful delivery of projects is no longer dependent on good project management alone.  To continue to improve project performance and overall organizational effectiveness, PMOs must look beyond the bounds of traditional project management.  Taking on additional responsibilities into the PMO and managing process integration points is key.  Learn how to take your PMO from merely being good to being great. 

Language(s) Offered:       English 


Don is a project and portfolio management consultant with 25 years of project management experience ranging from team member to managing programs and the project management office. This experience spans various industries from government, heavy construction, nuclear and information technology.  Helping companies implement and optimize their PMO governance processes, Don specializes in Demand Management, Capacity Management, Resource Management, Portfolio Management, and Project Management as supported CA Technologies' Clarity PPM Software.


Speaker:              Greg Doucette

Topic:                   Successfully Managing Highly Charged and Political Projects 

Abstract:              On occasion Project Managers are required to manage highly charged and political projects. Whether we are dealing with the integration of multiple vendor workstreams for delivery, intellectual property concerns, NDAs or contracts, quite often a Project Manager will be required to play mediator role in order to deliver a project on-time and on-budget. This session will discuss strategies to alleviate these issues with concrete examples of project issues and how they have been managed. 

Language(s) Offered:       English


Speaker:               Jeff Fearn

Topic:                   Our Transition from Waterfall to Agile

Abstract:               Over the years, many of us have successfully developed our Project Management careers, launching new products, services and infrastructure, using the traditional Waterfall methods.  While we are proud of our past successes, today’s customers, competitors, regulatory agencies and other market influencers are demanding change, at an ever increasing accelerated, adaptable and iterative pace that requires a more agile approach to delivery. Drawing on his experience gained from leading waterfall and agile projects, session participants will be engaged in an exploration of the Agile values, methodologies, tools and leadership models needed to enrich our career growth.

Language(s) Offered:       English 


Jeff Fearn, Bell Aliant, has an extensive Project and Program Management background, spanning Senior Telecommunications, Business and Startup leadership roles, in Canada and US.  With over 20-years in managing service creation, technology integration and professional services programs, Jeff is currently responsible to deliver the next generation technology and service platforms for national video services offered to Bell Canada, Bell Aliant and Bell MTS customers.


Speaker:              Carolyn Kervin

Topic:                   Self-Directed Learning to Strengthen your PM Skills and Enhance your Overall Knowledge 

Abstract:               As Project Managers, we find ourselves looking to expand our skills and increase our general knowledge and business acumen for a variety of reasons; to stay marketable, to perform our jobs well, to satisfy our own personal life-time learning goals, etc. But there are can be challenges to meeting our development objectives, such as the amount of time and financial resources at our disposal. In today’s economy, education budgets within many organizations are limited, and personal budgets must stretch to meet family demands.  This break out session will explore self-directed low and no-cost educational and developmental options that can work in our professional and personal schedules. Expect this session to be interactive with lots of group discussion.

Language(s) Offered:       English


Speaker:              Cheryl Logan

Topic:                   Flipping the Script:  Turning difficult/challenging conversations into productive ones.

Abstract:              We’ve all been there.  The conversation has gone horribly wrong, the sponsor is angry, blaming the team who are panicking and trying desperately to “fix” things. You as the Project Manager want to step in and “save” your team – but it’s hard to do.  Flipping the Script will help Project Managers understand how to recognize situations that can lead to difficult conversations and provide some practical tips and tools to help “flip the script” and bring the discussion back to a productive place.  In this interactive workshop, we will explore frameworks and tools to help you frame conversations, and develop messages that minimize the potential for confrontation.  The concepts covered in this session are applicable to managing teams, dealing with executives, and communicating effectively with peers / stakeholders.   PMs are often in the positon of mediator in difficult situations or when resolving conflict.  Understanding and applying these frameworks for active listening and productive conversations will help PMs build skills that are critical at leadership levels and thus provides one piece of the platform for advancement.   As someone who can capably move a conversation from toxic to productive you will be in high demand in leadership roles.  

Language(s) Offered:       English


Speaker: Jack MacDonald

Topic: City of Moncton: Downtown Event Centre Project

Abstract: Jack MacDonald, on behalf of the City of Moncton, will review the project management process behind the development and construction of the Downtown Event Centre Project. This session supports the leadership component of the Talent Triangle and is eligible for 1 Professional Development Unit.


Speaker: Miriam McLaughlin

Topic: Atlantic Immigration Pilot: Public Policy, Immigration and Project Management

Abstract: Have you ever been a Project Management Professional (PMP) that’s parachuted in on a team? Ever experienced needing to debunk myths and misunderstandings of what project management is? This presentation will provide a brief overview of the Atlantic Immigration Pilot (AIP). It will further share highlights of best practices and learning opportunities from a PMP perspective. The AIP is an example of a complex project that was underway prior to having a PMP. Experiences with identifying sub-projects, metrics and the linkages to process improvement activities will be shared as part of the presentation.


Speaker:              Don Moore

Topic:                   Using Project Management to Support Strategic Management

Abstract:              Knowing the basics of Project Management can help us understand how to enhance and support your Strategic Management goals and objectives. This session outlines the strategic management process and how knowing project management principles can help an organization grow and reach its vision

Language(s) Offered:       English


Speaker: Stephane Parent

Topic:  Learning to Listen

Abstract: This interactive workshop is about learning about your listening and identifying the three listening modes we use. The workshop will have participants experience and understand the weaknesses and strengths of each listening mode. Participants will learn techniques and exercises to get you on the road to better listening. Who will benefit?  Any project management practitioner serious about improving their communication skills. What are the benefits?  With better listening, communications with various stakeholders will become more effective and efficient. 



Speaker:              Larry Schriver

Topic:                   Selecting the best project management approach to software development for my organization.  Is it Waterfall?  PRINCE2? Agile Scrum? Perhaps the answer is all three

Abstract:              We’ll walk through the primary processes used within the Waterfall, PRINCE2 and Agile Scrum approaches, and discuss how each can be effective – and not effective – in a variety of organizational situations.  As project managers we strive to make our initiatives predictable and repeatable, and we’ll discuss criteria we can evaluate when determining the right approach. 

Language(s) Offered:       English


Speaker:              Ron Smith

Topic:                   Rockstar Estimating skills

Abstract:              Is your organization struggling with estimates? You are not alone. Ron will clarify why there is a GAP between IT development estimates and give you tools to unlock the process. You will leave with a better understanding of how to discuss thorough estimates with your IT. 

Language(s) Offered:       English