Board of Directors - Director of Web Content

Role Description

Elected or appointed volunteer reporting to the VP of Communications, responsible for publishing content in line with media and marketing policies and ensuring compliance with PMI’s Media Guidelines and brand standards for Chapters.

Estimated Volunteer Hours per Month: 15–25

Roles and Responsibilities

  •   Follow the Chapter’s media strategy and media policy
  •   Provide leadership to other teams on the most effective methods of using the Chapter website presence for their needs
  •   Develop content strategy aligned with short-term and long-term marketing targets
  •   Collaborate with marketing team to plan and develop site content, style and layout
  •   Perform quarterly reviews on website content to remove obsolete information
  •   Liaise with content writers and/or requesters to ensure brand consistency
  •   Optimize content according to Search engine optimization (SEO)
  •   Work closely with Director of Social Media and Director of Newsletters for the integrity and effectiveness of communications
  •   Curate content, finding and sharing information of interest to the Chapter’s audience while respecting copyright laws
  •   Develop or update a succession plan and training materials for this volunteer role

Strategic and Business Management Skills

  •   Basic Understanding of Current trends in Web Content Management
  •   Basic Understanding or Desire to Learn/Utilize Website Management Tools such as StarChapter
  •   Basic Knowledge of Web Publishing

Leadership Skills

  •   Layout and Design Skills
  •   Technical Tools Skills