Board of Directors - Director of Volunteer Opportunities

Role Description

Elected or appointed volunteer responsible for addressing the needs of the volunteers, including recruitment, retention, recognition and leadership development training and support in accordance with Chapter policies and bylaws.

Estimated Volunteer Hours per Month: 15–25

Roles and Responsibilities

  •   Responsible for volunteer recruitment and/or retention
  •   Work closely with the other Chapter Board members to identify the needs and requirements of volunteer work
  •   Maintain an inventory of potential volunteers after the Annual General Meeting (AGM) once new Board members are elected
  •   Understand and leverage experience of volunteers and direct them to various initiatives and where volunteers are required in the Chapter
  •   Answer general volunteer information inquiries and other requests for assistance
  •   Responsible for oversight, administration and building awareness of the Chapter (and PMI’s) volunteer policies, procedures and guidelines
  •   Responsible for the development of volunteers to serve in their volunteer roles
  •   Responsible for developing and administering volunteer recognition programs
  •   Responsible for the general oversight and management of the Chapter’s volunteer programs and services, including the Volunteer Relationship Management System (VRMS)
  •   Develop and implement succession and transition plan

Strategic and Business Management Skills

  •   Ability to use volunteer management software tools to match volunteers skills with interests
  •   Proficient in Email Communications (e.g. MS Outlook, Google Mail)
  •   Understanding of Volunteer Recruitment Methods and Tools (PMI’s Volunteer Relationship Management System (VRMS))
  •   Understanding of Volunteer Resource Management
  •   Understanding of Volunteer Recognition and Appreciation Programs

Leadership Skills

  •   Ability to Delegate Effectively
  •   Coaching and Mentoring
  •   Persuasion/Motivation Skills
  •   Team Building Skills