Board of Directors - Director of Study Group

Role Description

The Director of Study Group reports to the VP Service Delivery and is responsible for coordinating and delivering the local Study Group program.

Estimated volunteer hours per month: 20 hours

Roles and Responsibilities

  •   Coordinate Study Group program
  •   Provide information and guidance to members and non-members on certification/re-certification in the context of PMI
  •   Incorporate feedback, suggestions and recommendations as necessary to enhance effectiveness and value delivered to the audience and chapter regarding the contents and logistics of Study Group program
  •   Recommend, develop and deliver project management education materials, presentations and sessions
  •   Provide the information necessary to market the Study Group program
  •   Oversee presentations
  •   Invite key Subject Matter Experts from industry to present to the group
  •   Assist interested participants in registering for Study Group
  •   Promote the program to local businesses and organizations
  •   Maintain attendance records
  •   Maintain a list of Subject Matter Experts
  •   Prepare a brief article (including group photo) for newsletter
  •   Develop and implement a succession and transition plan

Strategic and Business Management Skills

  •   Program Planning Skills
  •   Ability to Develop and Manage Program Schedules
  •   Knowledge of PMI Credentials and PDUs
  •   Content and Curriculum Development
  •   Ability to Create and Analyze Program Surveys and Evaluations
  •   Basic Budget Management Skills

Leadership Skills

  •   Ability to Delegate Effectively
  •   Public Speaking/Presentation Skills
  •   Team Building Skills
  •   Facilitation Skills
  •   Time Management Skills
  •   Adaptability/Flexibility