Board of Directors - Director of Local Events Committee (LEC)

Role Description

The Director of LEC reports to the VP Service Delivery and is responsible for coordinating and delivering local events including Lunch & Learns, socials and other events as required.

Estimated volunteer hours per month: 20 - 25

Roles and Responsibilities

  •   Coordinate and publicize Lunch & Learn events
  •   Maintain a list of local presenters
  •   Work with other LEC Directors to identify presenters
  •   Respond to attendee inquiries about PDUs and PMI’s Talent Triangle
  •   Incorporate feedback, suggestions and recommendations as necessary to enhance effectiveness and value delivered to the audience and chapter regarding the contents and logistics of Lunch & Learns and other events
  •   Provide the information necessary to promote the events offered by the chapter
  •   Coordinate and publicize chapter social networks
  •   Oversee events, presentations and socials
  •   Invite key influencers from industry to participate in community events
  •   Develop and implement a succession and transition plan

Strategic and Business Management Skills

  •   Event Planning Skills
  •   Ability to Develop and Manage Event Schedules
  •   Knowledge of PMI Credentials and PDUs
  •   Ability to Create and Analyze Program Surveys and Evaluations
  •   Basic Budget Management Skills

Leadership Skills

  •   Ability to Delegate Effectively
  •   Public Speaking/Presentation Skills
  •   Team Building Skills
  •   Facilitation Skills
  •   Time Management Skills
  •   Adaptability/Flexibility