Paula Brinston

Successful innovation will require the management of the interdependencies among the project team / Stakeholder members with built in inconsistent or aligned goals, and with different ways in which they operate and different points of view. How do we manage that?

Join us to learn how to:

  • Understand your own personality
  • The strengths and weaknesses that come with each personality
  • How we can leverage this information to build and lead better teams


We will also answer these questions;

  1.       Who you are? 
  1.       Why are some people great to work with, while others make you crazy? 
  1.       Why are there some jobs you love and others you hate? 
  1.       How it is possible to work with difficult people?

It will be a fun session, join us!



Paula Brinston is a senior project management professional with proven leadership in Portfolio, program and project management, organizational change management, business and IT strategic planning. She is an advocate of Process Improvement and has worked in the Technology sector for 17 years, 15 years managing projects specializing in the Health Care environment.

Paula has a consistent track record of leading and delivering projects often exceeding client expectations and her passion is to identify project management as a strategic driver for organizational excellence. Currently Paula works for Horizon Health Network as Regional Lead, Projects and Process Improvement.

Paula has been a member of PMI NB off and on since 2005 and serving on the Board since 2014 when she lead the development and delivery of the 1st Professional Development Days for PMI NB, now a planned annual event.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management, Project Management Professional (PMP) and is certified in Change Management.