Carla Calabrese

The growing number of high profile privacy incidents across both public and private sectors is increasing public awareness and concern about organization’s handling of personal information. 

Project managers can play a key role in helping their organizations prevent privacy breaches by incorporating privacy by design concepts and the protection of personal information into the project management lifecyle.

During our hour together, you will learn about:

  •         What is privacy and what is considered personal information
  •         How to embed privacy into project management to lower risk and increase project success
  •         Key ‘privacy by design’ concepts
  •         Benefits of privacy risk management to projects
  •         Privacy risk management tools and when to use them
  •         The Role of the Project Manager in Privacy Management


Carla Calabrese is a senior consultant with over 15 years’ experience in the public sector within the Government of New Brunswick (GNB) and 10 years’ experience in private industry.  She is a trusted leader, certified privacy professional and Prosci change champion with strengths in privacy program management, organizational change management, business analysis, project management and program implementation, strategic planning and facilitation, leadership and organizational development, and strategic human resources program development.  Carla is known for being a coach and mentor, for a strong belief in team and the value of investing in people, and for her high personal and professional standards.

Carla has conducted privacy impact assessments;  developed privacy management frameworks; led organizational, process and cultural change projects within the public sector;  facilitated multi-stakeholder workshops across a wide range of areas; analyzed processes and standards; conducted requirements gathering and stakeholder engagement workshops; and facilitated leadership and change management training for employees at all levels.